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For dine in or delivery within 5 miles with a **$20.00 MINIMUM. $2.00 delivery charge. within 1 mile. To place an order click the link below.
Available: Tuesday-Sunday, 10 am to 10 pm; Closed Monday.
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Inca Breakfast Combo
Tamal, chicharron, relleno, camote frito, pan y salsa criolla.
Tamal de Pollo $5.50
Tamal de Chancho $5.50
Pan c/ Relleno
Black sausage sandwich.
Pan c/ Chicharron $6.50
Lomo al Jugo
Steak strips with peppers & onions.
Huevos Revueltos c/ Hot Dog $5.99

Papa a la Huancaina
Stemed potatoes with a creamy yellow sauce.
Tamal de Cerdo o Pollo
Sauteed pieces of chicken or pork with peanuts & olives, wrapped in banana leaf.
Chicharron de Cerdo
Fried pork pieces with potatoes & onion.
Chicharron de Calamar
Fried squid rings served with tartar sauce.
Chicharron de Pollo
Golden fried chicken bites with creole sauce (onion salad).
French fries with hot dog pieces.
French fries with fried chicken & hot dog pieces.
Choros a la Chalaca
Musels with a mild Peruvian chili peppers. In a half shell topped with corn tomatoes & onions.
Leche de Tigre
Chunks of fish marinated in lime juice.
Empanadas $6.50

Seafood soup served with rice (Peruvian Style).
Sopa a la Minuta de Pollo
Chicken soup with angel hair pasta, eggs, milk & cheese.
Sopa a la Minuta de Carne
Beef soup with angel hair pasta, eggs, milk & cheese.
Chupe de Camarones
A combination of shrimp, potatoes, eggs, carrots, peas, corn, milk & cheese.
Chupe de Pescado
Fish, Peruvian yellow potatoes, eggs, carrots, peas, corn, milk & cheese.

Weekend Specials
Seco Norteno
Goat stew with rice, beans & onion salad.
Tres Sabores
Chanfainita, ceviche y papa a la huancaina.
Chanfainita con Mote y Arroz $12.00

Milanesa de Pollo
Breaded chicken breast with garlic, pepper, french fries & salad.
Pollo a la Plancha
Grilled chicken breast served with rice & salad.
Arroz Chaufa de Pollo
Chicken fried rice Peruvian style.
Lomo Saltado de Pollo
Sauteed chicken strips with onions, French fries & rice.
Tallarin Saltado de Pollo
Chicken strips sauteed with onions & spaghetti.
Tallarines Verdes con Pechuga a la Plancha
Spaghetti al pesto served with grilled chicken breast.
Chicharron De Pollo
Golden fried chicken bites with creole sauce (onion salad).
Pechuga a lo Pobre
Grilled chicken served with rice, salad, fries, egg & sausage.

Lomo Saltado
Sauteed beef strips with onions, tomatoes, French fries & rice.
Bisteck, Chuleta, Pechuga a lo Pobre
Top sirloin steak with rice, salad, eggs, plantain & sausage.
Arroz Chaufa con Carne
Fried beef strips with Peruvian style rice.
Chuleta a la Parilla
Grilled pork chop with rice, French fries & salad.
Bandeja Paisa
Steak with fried pork, sausage, eggs, plantain, beans, rice & salad.
Bistic a la Parrilla
Grilled top sirloin steak with rice & salad.
Bisteck Empanizado
Breaded steak with garlic, pepper, French fries & salad.
Tallarin Saltado
Sauteed juicy tenderloin strips with onion, tomato & spaghetti.
Tallarines Verdes con Bisteck
Spaghetti al pesto served with steak.
Arroz Chaufa Mixto
Fried rice (chicken & beef) Peruvian style.
Arroz Chaufa Especial
Fried rice (shrimp, chicken & beef) Peruvian style.

Ceviche de Pescado
Fish chunks marinated in lime juice.
Ceviche Mixto
Fish chunks, shrimp, squid & mussels marinated in lime juice with lettuce, yams & potatoes.
Ceviche con Camarones
Shrimp marinated in lime juice with lettuce, yams, corn & potatoes.
Pescado a lo Macho
Fried fish topped with a variety of seafood in sauce with white rice & golden potato.
Fried fish, shrimp, squid & mussels in lime juice. Half order of jalea & ceviche plus leche de tigre.
Fish, shrimp, squid & mussels seasoned in a tasty butter with cassava & salsa criolla.
Arroz Chaufa de Mariscos
Fried seafood with Peruvian style rice.
Pescado Frito
Fried fish with your choice of rice, fries or salad.
Choros a la Chalaca (Doc)
Mussels with mild Peruvian chili peppers in a half shell topped with corn, tomatoes & onions.
Pargo Rojo
with plantains, rice & salad.
Camaron Empanizado
with plantains, rice & salad
Tallarin Saltado con Mariscos
Mixed seafood with onion, tomato & spaghetti.

Parrillada Inca Grill Estrella (3 Persons)
1 corte de bisteck premium (Steak), 1 Cheleta a la parilla (pork chop), 1 pechuga de polla a la parilla (grilled chicken breast), 1 chorizo, potatoes & salad.
Parillada Inca Grill Double
Choice of two meats; Bisteck (Steak), chuleta (pork chop) o pechuga de pollo (Chicken Breast).
Parillada Inca Grill Personal
Choice of one meat; Bisteck (Steak), chuleta (pork chop) o pechuga de pollo (Chicken Breast), potatoes & salad.
Churrasco a la Parilla
Churrasco (T-Bone Steak), with potatoes & salad, sausage or shish kabob.
Anticucho de Res
2 beef shish kabob with ptatoes & corn (cow heart).
Chicken Anticucho
Skewered grilled chicken with crispy potatoes & yellow sauce.
Shrimp Anticucho
Skewered grilled shrimp with crispy potato & yellow sauce.

Side Orders
Side of Rice (Arroz) $3.50
Side of Green Plantains (Tostones) $3.50
Side Ripe Plantains (Maduros) $3.50
Side of Beans (Frijoles) $3.50
Side of Potatoes (Papas Dorados) $3.50
Side of Fried Cassava (Yuca Frita) $4.00
Side of Fried Sweet Potato (Camote Frito) $3.50
Side of Fried Corn (Cancha) $4.00
Side of Corn (Choclo) $4.25
Side of Sauce (Salsa Crioola) $4.00
Side of French Fries (Papas Fritas) $3.50

Mazamorra Morada
Purple corn pudding.
Tres Leches
Three milk cake.
Pie $4.00
Tiramizu $4.00
Alfajores $2.00
Helado de Lucuma $4.50
Chocolate Cake $4.00
Picarones $4.50

Inca Cola (Bottle) $2.00
Inca Cola (Can)
Regular or Diet.
Bottled Soda (20 oz.)
Coke, Sprite or Orange Crush.
Strawberry Kiwi, Mango Madness or Fruit Punch.
Chicha Morada (by the glass) $3.00
Cola Iglesia $2.00
Linaza $2.50
Bottled Water $1.25
Chicha Morada (1 Liter) $10.00
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